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Code Institute delivers a number of different programmes in Software Development. Whether you're interested in gaining an insight into the tech industry with our introductory programme, or you want to become a software developer with our Diploma in Software Development, the skills and the pillars of support we provide will help you get to where you want to be.

Most of our students come to us with absolutely no tech experience. Many of them are interested in changing their careers, and our Diploma in Software Development prepares our graduates for their first role as Junior Software Developers. 81% of our graduates are hired within six months of finishing the Diploma.

We provide flexible learning options so that students can learn from anywhere in the world. Our mentored online and in classroom bootcamps combined with industry support and an active online Slack community, ensures that our students can get feedback no matter where they are. Solve a coding problem or start an interactive coding conversation seamlessly.

Our Programme Director collaborates with our Industry Advisory Council on a quarterly basis to ensure that our content is always industry driven and up to date and industry driven. Members of the council include: Morgan McKinley, PayPal and RedHat. We are always striving to improve the service we provide to our students at Code Institute.